WOW: 2 for 1 Sale On All Lonely Planet Travel Books

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Personally, I prefer finding all the information about a destination on my own by using Google for free, but I know that many people like to buy travel guidebooks… and today there is a great sale on books!

If you buy guidebooks, then you should definitely buy the Lonely Planet guidebooks, which are among the most renowned and well-written.

As you know, Flytrippers’ specialty is spotting great flight deals. But when there are deals on anything else that’s travel-related, like books (or even credit cards that give you free travel), we will always be here to let you know about it. So follow your city’s page on Facebook or subscribe to our free newsletter.

So, if a specific destination from our flight deals page tempts you, take advantage of this great 2 for 1 sale from Lonely Planet to buy books that will give you a lot of information about the destination, all in one place.

Yes, 2 for 1: this is pretty much the best deal we’ve seen on books. It ends this Friday, so hurry!

It’s as if everything was half price. If you were looking to buy a travel book, now really is the best time to do so.

Of course, they have detailed guides on hundreds of destinations, but they also have plenty of books that aren’t as specific and are excellent to inspire you for your next trips. Even I am tempted to give some a try, even though I try to be as paperless as possible.

I’ve shared some examples below, but you should also know that both physical books and e-books are on sale. Shipping is free in Canada if you buy for at least US$50.

We usually urge you to go through our Amazon links when you need to buy books (or anything else) to support our blog and website, but we are also partners with Lonely Planet so you can simply go through this link to buy your books. This is the best way to support Flytrippers if you like our great deals, it doesn’t cost you a dime and we really appreciate it!

How does it work? Go to their website and pick your favorites, as soon as you select two books and put them in your cart, the second one will become free and price out at $0 (the cheapest of the two, of course).

Here are some interesting book suggestions, especially with this 2 for 1 special:


Lonely Planet Books

Their bestseller, the new 2018 edition. Perfect for discovering the world and seeing where you want to go! It’s cheap!


Lonely Planet Books

If you’re not satisfied with the “best“, here is the “everything“. 800+ photos. 200+ countries. The ultimate guide to discover the world.


Lonely Planet Books

If you want to know the best times to go to different destinations, this is the one you need.


Lonely Planet Books

If you want to discover places that are off the beaten path and out of the ordinary.


Lonely Planet Books

They also have more specific itineraries and themes such as the best road trips


Lonely Planet Books

… or the best food.


Lonely Planet Books

And finally, as mentioned, they have detailed guides on hundreds of different destinations.



Bottom Line

If you want to read up on some destinations or find where to go next, a 2 for 1 sale is hard to beat!

Any questions?

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