Photo Contest: The 5 Winners Of Our Virtual Reality Headsets

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Our first giveaway of 2018 took place earlier this month and now is the time to announce the names of the 5 lucky winners who earned themselves Virtual Reality headsets.

The prize, offered by STARK VR, will give these 5 travel enthusiasts a chance to explore the world in three dimensions all year long, from the comfort of their homes, as explained in our article about how amazing Virtual Reality is for travelers.

Before we show you the 5 winning photographs, we also want to share our new giveaway, our biggest to date! We are offering you a chance to win two free flights to Europe, however it is in collaboration with WOW air, an airline that only serves Toronto and Montreal.

So our giveaway is open to all Canadians, however in this particular case you’ll need to make your way to Montreal or Toronto at your own expense if you win the free flights to Europe. Might still be worth it if flight to Europe is really expensive from your hometown or you want to combine a summer Eurotrip with a stay in either Montreal or Toronto.

Today’s giveaway is also much easier and quicker to enter, in just a few clicks. No need to send in a travel pic for that one. Subscribe to our free newsletter for more giveaways, as on top of amazing half-price flight deals on our cheap flights page, we also want to give you free stuff too!

But for now, here are the 5 winning photos… and the winners!


Alisha K Nicholson

Backpacking is not just for teen solo travelers! This gorgeous sea view from a family backpacking trip to Greece with two kids proves that amazing destinations can be explored in many ways!


Pierre-Luc Savard 

A gondola ride in the Venice canals in Italy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An amazing view here. Italy is rarely on sale directly, but you can use our multi-ticket technique to get there at a cheaper price.


Lyne Trudel

A young boy transporting a kavadi in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia during the Thaipusam celebrations. Both Flytrippers co-founders happen to be headed to KL in mid-April ourselves, follow our trip on our Instagram accounts: kevin.flytrippers and andrew.flytrippers!


Caroline Chabot

The sunrise in the Bagan Valley in Myanmar. A wonderful destination that also is one of the most affordable, as you’ll see very soon in the next part of our articles series about the cheapest destinations to travel to.


Christian Desjardins

Moscow, in Russia. Another destination that is very underappreciated, yet with so much history and culture.

Bottom Line

Here are the five winning photos, congratulations to all! Thanks for participating and watch out for many more giveaways in the future… and amazing flight deals of course.

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