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There are so many apps for travelers on the market, either to stay organized or to plan the perfect trip. Here we want to share with you the best free travel apps to make life on the road much easier. Don’t forget to also tell us your favorites!

Since our mission is to make it possible for you to travel more, we are always looking for ways to help you with practical travel tips beyond our flight deals.

So we went ahead and tested all these apps for you so you can know in advance which tools are the most useful for planning a trip, getting around, and saving money along the way. Note that they are all available both for iOS and Android.

Air Transportation

Flytrippers: Okay, we don’t have an app – yet – but our flight deals page is optimized for mobile and so is our flight search tool if you need to book a flight on the go, from anywhere in the world.

Airline Apps: Once you have booked your flight, see if the airline has an app (most do). That way you can download your boarding pass onto your phone, have flight itinerary updates automatically and have access to entertainment during the flight.

Apple Wallet/Passbook or WalletPasses: If you travel on a lot of different airlines, these apps let you keep you boarding passes in one spot very easily, without needing a bevy of apps.

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FlightAware: A global aviation software and data service that offers flight tracking information and notifications. It also shows you flight paths and airport maps with weather and aviation statistics. Perfect for AvGeeks – or those who just want to be well-informed about their flights.

FlightAware Website


Airbnb: If you prefer staying in an apartment or home instead of a hotel room, this app is for you. Airbnb has an amazing and well-developed app to find many accommodation options easily. Click here to get a free $50 credit if you are new to Airbnb. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, use to find the perfect accommodation. There are lots of different filters you can use during your search to make sure you find what is best for you. Millions of hotels are included and every hotel has reliable customer reviews to help you make your choice on the go.

Hostelworld: If you are traveling on a budget or you just prefer the hostel atmosphere, this app is for you. It is the go-to app to book over 33,000 hostels globally. We will shortly have a more detailed blogpost on hostels if you’re interested.


Snapseed: This app is really easy to use and allows you to edit your favorite photos. There are a lot of different effects, enhancements, and digital filters. You can then share the images directly on social media.

Instagram: After editing your photos you can post them on Instagram. It is the best place to share your amazing travel shots, but also to find travel inspiration.

Our Flytrippers Instagram page is there to inspire you.


Skype: It allows you to communicate with texts, videos, photos, etc. You can use it to make voice calls to actual phone number and not just to other people with the app.

Viber or Whatsapp: With one of these two apps you can make calls, send messages and much more. You can also share your location with other users.

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Google Translate: A great thing about Google Translate is that you can take a picture of a menu or a sign, then highlight the part you want to translate and it will translate your photo into text in the language of your choice. Also, you can hold your phone up to someone who is talking in a foreign language and it will automatically translate it, written in the language of your choice.

WiFi Finder: This app will show you a map of everywhere you can get WiFi near your current location. It will tell you which ones are closest to you and if it is free or if you have to pay for it.

WiFi Finder App -Android.


Google Maps: When you have WiFi, download the map of the city or of the entire country. Then when you are offline, you can still use the saved maps. Also, you can create a custom map with your must-see places. Honorable mention to Maps.Me, a great alternative if you are visiting China (Google products are censored there).

Uber/Lyft: Most of you probably already know and use these transportation apps, but they are a must. Especially when travelling. No sketchy foreign taxis. No need to pay cash. Click here to get your first ride free if you are a new Uber user or here for Lyft. Both are pretty similar, although Lyft is in less cities. You should have both to get a free ride twice!

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Waze: This app is perfect for roadtrips and useful to know about traffic. It is a GPS navigation app that uses data from its community of drivers to create an up-to-date map. Users share information about hazards, traffic and accidents.

Rome2Rio: This app will help you get from point A to point B (even when those two are not on the same continent). It offers route information from over 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries. It also gives you the estimated travel times and fares.

Planning & Others

Foursquare: This app is really great for getting tips on where to eat or to get a coffee. When you have downloaded the map, reviews will pop up when you are walking through a city.

Yelp: This app also has many restaurant reviews that will help you decide where to eat, a decision that is often hard to make in new cities with so many delicious options available.

TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor ranks the top attractions, everywhere on the planet. There is a useful offline feature which lets you download reviews and city maps before you go on your trip. You can thus access the information on the go.

TripIt or Google Trips: You can set up these apps to scan your inbox so when you receive flight confirmations and accommodation confirmations, they automatically put them into the app in a day to day view. This way, you can see all your confirmations at the same place.


Splitwise: This is perfect for when you are travelling with friends. What is great about it is that the app gives you flexibility. Instead of always ‘splitting’, one person can pay for the whole thing, and then it tells you who owes how much so you can alternate and pay for different things as you go along.

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Trail Wallet: This allows you to enter your budget for your whole trip and it will tell you how much you can spend every day. It will show you if you are over budget or under budget.

Currency Converter or XE currency: You pick your currency and they will tell you what the latest exchange rate is. These are really useful especially when the amounts to convert are bigger. They work even when you are not connected to WiFi but every time you are connected to Wifi it will update you to list currency variations.

xe Currency Converter

A final tip

To stay organized, put all your travel apps in one folder on your smartphone for an easier access. Then, you’ll be on your way to a great trip!

What are your favorite travel apps? Which ones did we not mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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