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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Tipping Around the World

This is one of the questions we often ask ourselves when we travel abroad: how much should I tip? When we are at home, we know exactly how much we should give to show our appreciation. But is tipping customary in other countries? And if

Medellín travel story

Around the World Part 1: Colombia

As you know, our goal is to help you travel more. That’s why we find you the best flight deals. Our mission doesn’t stop there, we also want to inspire you to travel more. For that reason, I will be leaving on a one-way trip

Deals: Six Destinations UNDER $200 Roundtrip

If you are like a lot of people who discovered Flytrippers recently, you probably thought flying was supposed to be expensive. Well, actually, flight prices have never been this low in the history of commercial aviation, and finally we’re starting to see it in Canada