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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Air Canada or WestJet

Air Canada or WestJet ?

There are two main airlines in Canada, and each has its (very) loyal customers. But which one is the best? If you follow our flight deals page, you’ve probably noticed that we feature more deals from WestJet than Air Canada. Indeed, great significantly-lower-than-regular-price fares from

Free trips

You Could Win Free Trips

More travel? Who could say no that? Here’s a couple of ways you might be lucky and get to travel for free. If you’re anything like me (or anybody else right?), you probably wish you could travel more. Our flight deals page is a great

Flight Deals

How Flight Deals Work

Many of you often ask us how the flight deals we post every day work, especially those that are over 50% off the “regular” price. Here are some of the answers. No, there’s no catch and you have nothing to worry about. Limited-time deals on

Ryanair vols pas cher Europe

A Flight For 49 Cents!

We are always telling you about how the Ultra Low-Cost Airline business model is the best thing to have ever happened to the air travel industry, because it allows for so many cheap flights. But we might have found the lowest price ever. We often

Delta Promo

Current Canadian Points Promos

The easiest and main method of earning points and miles is to get premium credit cards with signup bonuses and put as much of your spending as possible on these. However, limited-time promos also help get more value. If you already ordered the American Express