THE Very Best Credit Card Offer Available In Canada Right Now

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Here’s what we believe is currently the best credit card offer in Canada for our readers, and the special offer has been extended until the end of May. It is the RBC Visa Infinite Avion, which is a must-have because the card is free and it gives you $250 of free travel (or even more). Here are the details.

Whether you are just getting started in the world of travel hacking or you are due for a new card, there is currently an offer that really stands out from all the others. We believe it is the best in Canada right now.

As a reminder, we now have a section on travel hacking because if you are like us and you like to travel cheap (thanks to the curated cheap flights we spot for you on our deals page, which is Flytrippers’ main focus), then you should also like to travel for free. That is what travel hacking is all about.

A few weeks ago, we shared our article with the best credit card offers in Canada, as we do every month. The two new offers this month have been very popular and have generated a lot of comments and messages, so by popular demand, here is a detailed article on the one that is a must-have and that is aimed at Canadian travelers, the RBC Visa Infinite Avion. The other one, the Scotia Passport Visa, is a little more targeted… it’s for frequent travelers, with useful perks… but with a much smaller signup bonus (less free travel).

This one is great for pretty much everyone who fits the bill to be travel hacking, because it gives you $250 of free travel at the very least… and it can be a lot more.

It can be more? Yes, travel hacking is a complex world. That’s why we want to share our experience: we’ve been using these techniques to travel for free for several years. We will also use this article to start our explanation on how the different types of Points work, how to use them, and of course tell you about this great offer on the RBC Avion card. Obviously, we assume that you have read the 2 articles mentioned in the first line of this page, as always. It’s important.

Please note that this offer has one very peculiar oddity, it’s very important to read that section before you order the card… and remember, the special offer is only valid for a limited time, so it’s really worth taking advantage of now.

Before giving you more details, there are two requirements to get this card: first, you cannot apply for this card if your annual income is under $60,000. If that’s your case, you can look into the AMEX Gold, which will give you a minimum of $150 in free travel (or a lot more) without looking at your income or the BMO Rewards that will give you $147 free, no matter your income (more details here). And second, you cannot get this offer if you already have an RBC card with an annual fee (RBC Visa Infinite Avion, RBC Visa Platinum Avion, RBC Visa Privilege Rewards, RBC British Airways Infinite Visa, RBC Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum, etc.)

RBC avion

The Best Offer in Canada

Usually, this card has an annual fee of $120, as most good cards do (but not with this offer, that’s the first half of this great deal). And by the way, if you are adamant about not paying annual fees, you should stop with that way of thinking, it’s not always logical. If the signup bonus is more than the annual fee, its simple mathematics: you can pay an annual fee. Obviously, don’t ever get a credit card that doesn’t have a signup bonus, annual fee or not. That’s travel hacking 101. But anyway, this is all irrelevant for this offer: this card is free.

Indeed, the current deal is really interesting because and has no annual fee for the first year (then you cancel it in 11 months), as is often the case with the very best travel hacking offers. Those are the best times to get the cards, that way you get the signup bonus for free… it literally gives you an extra $120 of free travel.

Most of the time, the best credit card offers, the ones that give you the highest amount of free travel, involve complicated Points or Miles that are a bit harder to understand, especially if you’re just getting started in the world of travel hacking.

That’s not the case today, because if you want, your signup bonus can be really easy to use and very flexible. That’s the second half of this great offer, the 25,000 Avion Points for free as a signup bonus. In fact it is 15,000 Points with no minimum spend, and an extra 10,000 on top if you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. And no annual fee: just a $250 travel credit (or Points that can be redeemed for even more value). The regular offer is usually 15,000 Points, so again, that’s an extra $100 (minimum) in free travel, until the end of this special offer.

With those perks and the fact that the card is free, there is no reason not to get this card if you fit the criteria to be doing some travel hacking, as outlined in the aforementioned articles about the important credit card rules and the intro to travel hacking. This offer is very tough to beat, we both ordered this card ourselves! But just a reminder before you order it, it’s important to read the section about one particularity of this offer.

RBC Avion Visa

How To Redeem For Free Travel

What your signup bonus gives you is 25,000 Avion Points, which we estimate to be worth approximately $275 overall (1.1 ¢ / point)… but no less than $250 (1.0 ¢ / point) non-approximately. It is a hybrid Points currency, which means you can use it a simple travel credit of $250 applicable on any flight or hotel purchase if you want the simple way, or you can extract potentially even more value if you either transfer the Points to other programs or use them with RBC‘s Fixed Points chart.

Using it as a travel credit is really simple. Simpler, but less rewarding, as is always the case: like anything else in the world of travel, the more convenient, simple and easy something will be, the less value you’ll get. That being said, for casual travelers, it’s still $250 completely free and with no complications. You have that option, and it’s still pretty good right?

We will be publishing a detailed article about how to use points to extract even more value this week, but in the meantime just know that you could potentially double the value of your Points with the other two methods under specific circumstances.

We’ll tell you much more about that, but just know that if you travel a lot, that’s the beauty of travel hacking: you can get a lot of value with fixed flight rewards charts (as the price is fixed, unlike the cash price) and since the RBC Avion Points transfer 1 to 1 to British Airways Avios Miles, this signup bonus can open up a lot of possibilities. We value those Avios at 1.5 ¢ / point, so that is 50% more value already if you use them right.

More to come this week, no need to understand all the details today, there’s no rush for that aspect. We don’t know when the offer might simply be pulled unfortunately, so order the card before the offer expires.

Insurance Benefits

This is by no means unique to the RBC Avion, but rather all good travel hacking cards, but I have to mention it since far too many people still don’t know about how useful these free insurance benefits are.

If you travel, it makes absolutely no sense to not have at least one credit card with great insurance coverage like this one (or any other that has the “Great insurance” mention in our article about the best current credit card offers in Canada)

I’ll be sharing a detailed article about these various travel insurance benefits, but here is a quick overview of the many useful perks that come with good travel hacking credit cards like this one.

First of all, you’ll get $500 for hotels and meals every time your flight is delayed for over 4 hours (as someone who loves free stuff, this one is my favorite and I always hope my flights are delayed now, true story). So don’t rely on airlines, they usually don’t owe you a thing. And that makes sense, most delays in Canada are weather-related… airlines don’t control the weather, why would they have to pay for your hotel, that just doesn’t make any sense.

You’ll also get free medical coverage for trips under 15 days (or 3 days for cardholders over 65 years old). If you go on a trip without medical insurance, that is truly irresponsible honestly. A very minor incident could cost you thousands of dollars in many countries (our southern neighbor included), so don’t mess around. You can read more in our article about travel insurance.

You’ll also get coverage for your rental cars, which means you will always be able to decline the expensive coverage rental agencies try to charge you, at least in certain countries. And only if your personal insurance policy covers you, responsibility-wise (you should always check with your insurer). This can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

Finally, you’ll also get trip cancellation insurance in case you need to change your plans for one of the covered reasons (because flights are never refundable, and that’s normal). You get hotel burglary insurance and lost baggage insurance. And it’s not really travel related, but you’ll also get price drop protection and extended warranties, as is the case with most good credit cards.

So all these insurance benefits are included with the card, completely free. It’s one of the best reasons to start travel hacking (apart from the hundreds of dollars in free travel of course).

MUST READ: This Card’s 1st Oddity

This section usually doesn’t exist with other credit cards but this one has a special feature that you must know about before you order the card.

Since the publication of our credit card ranking, many readers have commented that they couldn’t find the offer, because what they found was 15,000 Points and a $120 fee instead of 25,000 Points and a $0 fee. That’s a $220 difference. And that’s because they didn’t use our links!

Indeed, if you go to RBC’s official website, you won’t see this exceptional offer: you’ll see the public offer, which isn’t interesting at all. And that’s normal.

Public offers are often less appealing that the ones you’ll find on Flytrippers’ website because banks (not just RBC) know that we are a third-party independent reference and we will always recommend the very best offers out there, that’s it. No matter which bank they’re from. So since they are in competition with other cards, they have to come up with better offers. It’s quite logical.

On the other hand, if you’re visiting RBC’s website directly, you are likely (at least much more likely) to not shop around or know if better offers exist, so their signup bonus doesn’t need to be as attractive. Many banks do that, it makes sense (even the AMEX Platinum, that has one of the most generous offers will only give you 50,000 Points publicly, compared to 60,000 Points via our links).

It’s the same in the telecom industry, where Bell or other providers often different deals to different customers.

So offers are often better here because banks know that if you’re reading our blog, you’re much more informed about the world of travel hacking and $30 of free travel just won’t cut it for you: there’s no chance you order that card with such a pathetic signup bonus. That’s one of the reasons why we launched this travel hacking section, as we want to become an informative and useful reference to educate Canadians about travel hacking, so that more travelers can take advantage of (and be rewarded for) one of their greatest assets, the fact that they are financially responsible, by getting free travel.

So bottom line: when we mention great offers that we think are valuable to you, use our provided links, it’s simpler for you too!

And in addition to getting you better offers (which is obviously the main benefit because our #1 priority is always to help you travel more), using our links allows you to support Flytrippers and our work in a way that is completely free for you (well, in fact it is at least free 100% of the time but in this case it even gives you an extra $220). This helps us continue to spot great flight deals for you and your fellow travelers!

Thank you to the many who already use our various referral links for flights, hotels, car rentals, credit cards and even any Amazon purchasewe truly appreciate it! And as mentioned, it is at no cost at all to you and it doesn’t affect our commitment to sharing all the best deals with you, like flight deals with ultra low-cost carriers that do not give us any commission or this great credit card offer that genuinely is amazing (we both ordered it ourselves). You trust us to help you travel more, that’s all that we care about too!

In summary, this offer is great for almost all travelers, since it gives you $250 for free.

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  1. Hmmm. I tried to apply for this card tonight for the bonus 50$, why not?? 1st attempt I got kicked out of the last screen and had to start over, 2nd time told me there was a problem with my SIN number (nope, just got my tax refund) and to call. I tried that, after 20 minutes on hold I gave up. Not a great first impression for their customer service. I’d be leery of counting on them oversees if it’s already bad here.

    1. Strange, that’s unfortunate, it seems to have worked for everyone except for the technical issues, but yeah, never seen a card so hard to get!

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