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How to Use Multi-Ticket Itineraries to Save Money

Here is a pro tip that could save you a lot of money when you can’t find a great deal for your chosen destination, especially when the ticket seems very expensive at first glance: multi-ticket itineraries. As you probably know by now, every day we

C'est quoi Airbnb

What Is Airbnb? Here’s An Introduction

You’ve probably heard about it, Airbnb is revolutionizing the world of travel accommodations. Here’s an introduction to what it’s all about, how to use it… and a link to get a free $45 credit. If you plan on taking advantage of one of our great

How To Fly To Europe For Cheap

How to Find Cheap Flights To Any City in Europe

Flight deals to Europe are very frequent, however only a handful of cities are available “directly” with these deals. But there is a way to get to any city in Europe at a much lower price than you are used to. As you may already