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The Best Search Tool to Save on Your Next Flight

As we always say, the easiest way to save on plane tickets is to be flexible. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean that you always have to pay more in these situations. Let’s say you need to buy a plane ticket, but your destination

25 Gift Ideas Around $25 Travelers Will LOVE

Christmas Day is almost here and you know there’s one thing that a lot of people are passionate about: travel. There is no better way to make someone happy than to offer them a travel-related gift for the holidays. Here are our best gift ideas…

The Bank Account EVERY Canadian Traveler Should Have

How would you like to get $50 completely free? Read on! Full disclosure, by using the referral code below, you will receive $50, and so will we. This is a great way to support Flytrippers if you like the great flight deals and content that

How Ultra Low-Cost Carriers Work - Budget Airlines

How ULCCs (Ultra Low-Cost Carriers) Work

Ultra Low-Cost Carriers seem to have a really bad reputation among some air travelers. This is mainly because most people are not used to this relatively new concept and don’t understand these companies’ very different business model. Having personally been on more than 50 ULCC