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Westjet Basic Economy

WestJet Introduces Basic Economy Fares

Yesterday, WestJet announced that they too would be offering the new Basic Economy fare class that will be cheaper than regular economy fares (or at least they’re supposed to be). If you follow our blog, you saw the news last week: Basic Economy fares are

$8 Flights Are Now Available In Canada

Yes, it’s true: $8 flights are now a thing in Canada. How is it possible? Ultra Low-Cost Carriers, of course. We’ve been singing their praise since the day Flytrippers launched… and maybe with today’s news you too will see how amazing they are! We love

Plane Tickets In Canada Will Be Even Cheaper In 2018

Maybe you didn’t know this, but the price of airplane tickets has never been lower than it is right now, in the entire history of commercial aviation. Never. And there’s good news: it will keep getting better. In Canada, flying is more expensive than almost everywhere

Cancún Wants to Pay You $10K/Month to Vacation There

Some people are lucky enough to travel for work and others can work remotely from anywhere in the world. But tourism officials in Cancún just posted a job that’s accessible to all… and it’s pretty awesome. We often spot great airfare deals to Cancún on our flight

Hurricane Irma Has Made Parts of the Ocean Disappear

Unless you were hiding under a rock this past week, you know that a hurricane of epic proportions is currently hitting Florida (after going through the Caribbean). But apart from the typical hurricane damage, Irma also made parts of the ocean disappear. There will be

Vols pas cher vers l'Europe

Flights to Europe Starting at $65 Are Coming to the US

Europe is more accessible than ever thanks to the low-cost flights from transatlantic ultra low-cost carriers, namely WOW air in Canada. But it is nothing compared to the prices Americans now routinely see, as they can now fly to the Old Continent at prices even