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Top 15 Pics That Will Make You Want To Go To Ireland

We often spot great flight deals to Ireland and since yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day, we wanted to come up with this nice ranking so you can discover this beautiful country through a few photos. Almost every week, we spot great prices to Dublin, the

carte attractions états-unis

A Map With the Most Popular Attraction of Each US State

The United States are a popular destination for Canadians and obviously, it’s very accessible because it’s so close. But it’s also a very diverse country with many interesting things and places to discover. When you are looking for a short trip, or when you are

Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

It’s Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you are currently in love, we thought you’d like to know about the world’s most romantic cities, so here is our ranking to celebrate the day of love. Since Flytrippers’ launch, we have curated deals to over 500 different

Top 12 Pics That Will Make You Want To Go To Berlin

Laurent is a guest-blogger with Flytrippers. You can follow him on Instagram here. Since Flytrippers currently (and often) has flight deals for Berlin, we thought you would enjoy some inspiration for your next trip. Here’s my personal suggestion: visit Berlin! The German capital city is often

The 15 Least Visited Countries In The World

There are 193 UN-recognized countries in the world and personally, our goal is to visit every single one of them. The more obscure the country, the more interested I am in going there. You probably already know all the most popular countries to visit… here