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Deal: Discounted Access To Airport Lounges

If you want to experience the luxury of having access to airport lounges (also known as VIP lounges) at least once in your life, here is a very interesting sale. You probably know by now, we’re really not luxury travelers. That is why we prefer

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Rewards Programs For Travel Hacking In Canada

This is only the beginning, there is a lot to cover in the world of travel hacking. We will delve deeper into each of the programs, but here is a brief overview. If you’ve read our introduction to travel hacking, you know that you basically

What Is Travel Hacking - How To Start Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking 101: Start Here

Yes, it is possible to travel for free, and no, there is no catch. As long as you’re financially responsible, you should definitely start Travel Hacking. This is a completely new section that we want to share with you, because hey, if you like our

10 Rules About Travel Hacking Credit Cards

Here are the 10 rules and things to know about in the world of Travel Hacking credit cards, so you too can start traveling for free. Welcome to our new Travel Hacking section. First of all, make sure you read our introduction to Travel Hacking.

Travel Hacking Québec Aeroplan

Aeroplan Miles vs. American Express Points

Earlier this year, Air Canada announced the end of its relationship with Aeroplan, its current loyalty program. This all seems quite complex if you are not an expert, but here is why this completely changes the Travel Hacking landscape in Canada. Aeroplan has long been