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What Are Points Worth? Points Valuations in Canada

A question that often comes up when discussing different travel hacking rewards programs is the value of each point. There are very big variations between these valuations. It’s important to know what a point is worth, to decide which program is the best for you, but

Travel Hacking Quebec

The Best Credit Cards for Travel Hacking in Canada

Here is where your Travel Hacking adventure will really start. Credit card signup bonuses are the key to traveling for free, so here is our directory of the best Canadian Travel Hacking credit card offers currently available in June. Flytrippers’ main goal is to find

Delta Promo

Current Canadian Points Promos

The easiest and main method of earning points and miles is to get premium credit cards with signup bonuses and put as much of your spending as possible on these. However, limited-time promos also help get more value. If you already ordered the American Express