Around the World Part 1: Colombia

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As you know, our goal is to help you travel more. That’s why we find you the best flight deals. Our mission doesn’t stop there, we also want to inspire you to travel more.

For that reason, I will be leaving on a one-way trip around the world to help you discover new places. First stop: Medellín, Colombia.

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But when we visit amazing places ourselves, we want to make sure all of our content related to that destination is easily found in one place, so welcome to this new section. As our trips will often lead us to write more than one blog about the journey, you will find them all in one convenient place, right here.

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Here is the list of blogs to come for the South American part of my trip:

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My First Impression of Medellín (Coming Soon)
Things to see in Medellín (Coming Soon)
Remote Work, it’s possible! (Coming Soon)
Things to see in Cartagena (Coming Soon)
Things to see in Bogotà (Coming Soon)
Things to see in Cali (Coming Soon)
Ecuador (Coming Soon)
Peru (Coming Soon)
Transportation options in South America (Coming Soon)

Medellín travel story

Medellín, Colombia will be my first stop.

Bottom line

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